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AOT Energy expects from all Employees a high level of ethical behavior, integrity, transparency and full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which the AOT Energy group operates as well as with all AOT Energy principles, policies and guidelines.

AOT Energy carries out its business with vigilance and under the guidance of the Corporate Compliance Group in Steinhausen and Compliance Desks in AOT’s regional offices to ensure that all AOT Energy directors, officers and employees follow consistently AOT Energy’s rigorous policies and procedures when acting on behalf or in the name of AOT Energy.

AOT Energy’s Code of Conduct addresses the most important principles, rules, and standards, and represents the Group’s values and ethical culture in business, including fighting corrupt practices, complying with anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations, following antitrust/ competition laws as well as sanction legislation. It provides guidance to all Employees as well as to every joint cooperation under AOT Energy’s control. The Code of Conduct describes the behavior AOT Energy expects of its Employees and what Employees can expect of AOT. The Code of Conduct is a must-follow for all AOT Employees and service providers in order to safeguard AOT Energy, its Employees and its workspace for the long term. AOT Energy also follows a comprehensive vetting procedure for all business partners and trade related service providers, which is managed by the Compliance Group.

In its effort of continuously improving its business practices, AOT Energy will keep updating existing policies and developing new corporate policies to meet the always strengthening standards in the countries in which it operates. AOT Energy endorses and lives a culture of fair, sustainable and ethical business practices shared by all levels of the organization.

Please follow this link for our Modern Slavery Statement for financial year 2017.
Please follow this link for our Modern Slavery Statement for financial year 2018.

In case of any questions or concerns regarding AOT Energy and compliance please contact the Compliance Group directly – compliance@aotenergy.com.