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AOT Energy trades in key energy commodities worldwide, covering crude oil and oil products, renewable fuels, petro chemicals, natural gas, LNG and coal.

Our business is conducted from various trading offices located in Asia, Europe and North America, from where our specialized personnel handle every aspect of origination, transport, storage, blending, finance and marketing.

AOT Energy acts globally in its dealings with national oil companies and major oil companies, yet is equally agile in adding value to its suppliers and clients in specialized niche markets.

AOT Energy encompasses two well establish brands under the name of AOT and Transcor. While AOT stands for our trans-continental and international trading activities, Transcor is well known as a regular shipper of steam coal to its clients on the Great Lakes in the USA.

AOT Energy’s culture in conducting business is of a profoundly ethical and responsible nature. We believe in equitable partnerships and have developed numerous longstanding relationships within the energy industry.  It is thanks to our strong values and our performance track record we are the partner of choice to large refiners, retailers, petrochemical manufacturers and government entities.

In support of our trading activities, we operate long term storage-, shipping- and logistical infrastructure which has allowed us to gain and maintain market share in strategic trading hubs, globally.


Natural Gas
Light Ends
Gasoline Blending Components
Middle Distillates
Renewable Fuels
Bunker Fuels
Heavy Fuel Oils
Crude Oil / Refinery Feed Stocks

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